Yes, nurses can be richer than doctors! Be debt free • Never stress about money again • Be (early) retirement ready!

A life-changing series of investing challenges made specifically for nurses

You weren't taught this in nursing school! You calculate drug dosages, interpret ABGs, manage insulin, adjust heparin and so many other complex, critical thinking tasks. Now I'm showing you how to use these skills you already have to learn how to invest! 

    Step-By-Step Nurse Investing Course

    Be A Strategic & Safe Investor

    Be financially independent.

    Use your nursing skills to manage your money in a way that will make you a millionaire. It IS possible to be richer than your physician colleagues who earn twice as much $$ as you.

    You call the shots. 

    Never feel financially tied to a job ever again. You will be able to confidently say "F-U" if your employer ever tries to take advantage of you ever again.

    Leverage your nurse powers.

    Stand up for what's right and safe. Advocate for your patients and colleagues without fear of retaliation.


    Giving nurses MONEY POWERS!

    This challenge series contains step-by-step instruction to help you gain confidence in your ability to manage your own finances safely and effectively!

    Meet The Instructor & Successful Nurse Investor

    Angel Mathis


    Angel Mathis, MN, MPH, ARNP, RN, FNP-BC & Nurse Investor


    Challenge Series leading you step-by-step down your path to successful investing

    ACTIONABLE steps that help you understand your money and guide you through your next stock and bond purchases. 

    The process is designed to help you be fully aware of your risk and to know exactly what you're investing in. 

    You CAN manage your investments on your own and save yourself hundreds of thousands. You WILL amass millions in wealth.

    Here are the powerful learnings in each Challenge. ⤵️ Click image to pause/review.

      Once I guide you through the The Nurse’s Simple Step-By-Step Guide to Selecting Investments you won't be able to unsee how simple investing is and how you will grow your wealth by hundreds of thousands (and likely millions!) throughout your lifetime.

      More specifically you will see exactly how to:

      1. Personalize your plan for picking stocks and bonds.
      2. Open and maintain the right kinds of investment accounts– 403b, 401k, IRA, 529, annuities, 457, HSAs, defined contributions, pensions, and more!
      3. Automate your investments so that you spend minimal time on them every year.
      4. Leave your investments to work idly in the background while we go on living our lives to the fullest.

      What Colleagues Are Saying

      This is not just another investing course.

      This is you acknowledging that being a nurse is flippin’ hard, and that to take care of your future self you need to partner up with other nurses and take some serious action on your finances now. 

      This is you believing that 

      One Nurse's Financial Independence is Another Nurses Power.